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Now Available for Download in MP3

We've got the rights to eight of the greatest advertising and marketing books of all times on CD, and they're wonderful. Most are actually out-of-print classics you couldn't buy in any bookstore, even if you wanted to. Included are:


• Reality in Advertising by Rosser Reeves
• My First 65 years in Advertising by Maxwell Sackheim
• My Life in Advertising by Claude Hopkins
..This book has personally made Jay over $12 million dollars
• Communications on Advertising by Leo Burnett
• Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy
• Your Money Back by Alvin Eicoff
• The Albert Lasker Story as He Told It by Albert Lasker
• With All Its Faults by Fairfax M. Cone


We licensed this collection from NEWSTRACK almost a decade ago, and these books are just as educational as the were when first written over 30 years ago!  Don't be fooled by the age and low price here.  These sets are BRAND NEW!

INSTANT DOWNLOAD!  This entire collection in MP3 high quality music files

JUST $4.77!



 A-B. My life in advertising / Claude C. Hopkins (ca. 150 min.) --
C-D. The Lasker story, as he told it / Albert Lasker (ca. 144 min.) --
E-F. With all its faults / Fairfax M. Cone (ca. 152 min.) --
G-H. Or your money back / Alvin Eicoff (ca. 162 min.) --
I-J. My first 65 years in advertising / Maxwell Sackheim (ca. 152 min.) --
K-L. Communications of an advertising man / Leo Burnett (ca. 162 min.) --
M-N. Ogilvy on advertising / David Ogilvy (ca. 154 min.) --
O-P. Reality in advertising / Rosser Reeves (ca. 156 min.).


Advertising Classics Program Titles:

My life in advertising
Lasker story, as he told it
With all its faults
Or your money back
My first 65 years in advertising
Communications of an advertising man
Ogilvy on advertising
On advertising
Reality in advertising



Robert Allen - Author of NOTHING DOWNRobert Allen

How To Be An Information Multi-Millionaire

"People who are reasonable end up with nothing!" 

 Want to cash in as a Public Speaker?....

How to Run A Tony Robbins Seminar

"Mastermind Secrets of Information Age Marketers" 
The Secrets of CASHING IN on BIG MONEY Seminars

Have you ever been to a seminar and said to yourself, "These guys are making a pile of cash in just a few hours doing this seminar. I wonder if I could be doing the same thing?" 
The answer is a resounding yes! In this very interesting three videotape set, a World renown seminar consultant and presenter, reveals the very lucrative world of seminar marketing, including talking frankly about working with organizations like Tony Robbins, Dave Del Dotto, Tony Martinez and many others. In just two years, the mystery presenter has sold over $20 Million in books and tapes from "The Platform". His front-end sales can easily reach $50,000 A DAY, with a back-end of over $500,000. You don't need too many days like those to have a very good month! 
In this three videotape set, we walk you through step by step how we create, plans and implements winning seminars.

Some of the important points Mark explains are

  • The Power of Seminar Marketing
  • The Seminar Business in a Nutshell
  • The Secrets of Seminar Promotion
  • Why the Billion Dollar a Year Seminar Business is Growing so Rapidly.
  • Why Should YOU Conduct a Seminar
  • How to market a Seminar
  • Developing a winning Marketing plan
  • "The more you market, the more you make!"
  • How to fill the seats
  • GONZO's immutable laws of successful seminar marketing.
  • Developing a budget
  • Testing and determining breakeven
  • Profits on the front-end vs. the backend
  • Determining and qualifying your target audience
  • How do the number work
  • Testing and innovating your presentation
  • The different moving parts of the seminar machine
  • The importance of the credibility factor
  • Social proof
  • Using profit multipliers
  • "The numbers don't lie, they just tell the story!"
  • The difference between being "entertained" and "enrolled".
  • The four mental questions you must answer before people will part with their money.
  • Challenges, chaos and crisis.
  • Can you say "Xerox"?
  • The six essential steps to creating a seminar
  • The seminar business is a billion dollar a year industry. Very few 
    professionals know how to do it as well as this presenter. Never before 
    has anyone revealed the inside information on these tapes. There's a seminar 
    inside everyone. With this information and some careful planning, ANYONE can 
    pull off a successful and profitable seminar.


    Also included with this great seminar package is a FOURTH DVD:

    Paul Hartunian's presentation,

    "How to Earn $5,000 a Day as a Seminar Speaker"


    The Washington Post called ERNIE KESSLER, "The King of Foreclosures"  He routinely appeared on CNBC's "Smart Money"  During the 1980's Ernie was the single largest buyer of Foreclosures in the Washington DC Baltimore area.

    Ernie has trained THOUSANDS and generated MILLIONS of Dollars at his Bootcamps, Seminars, Workshops and Home Study materials.  He has negotiated TENS of MILLIONS of dollars of Real Estate Transactions.

    But, before his untimely death, he only ONCE shared his secrets of
    "HOW TO SPEAK AND SELL from The Front of the Room".
    And, I  captured it all on videotape it and own the Rights and Masters.

    For the first time, EVER,  I'm making it available to my past customers and Ebay purchasers. 

    This almost three hour presentation isn't about real estate, or flipping houses, or buying trust deeds.

    It's about how Ernie creates his cash generating front of room seminar presentations, and how he can close up to 50% of the room on a $49 to $10,000 back end product.

    If you have ever dreamed of earning thousands of dollars in a single day speaking from "THE PLATFORM", get these DVD's!


    Video One:
    "How to Become The Top Dog in ANY Field in Today's Super Competitive World"
    Video Two:
    "Why Should I do Business With You? How to Discover Your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION"
    Video Three:
    "The 7 Secrets to Building a Bigger Bottom Line In A Competitive World"
    Video Four:
    "Marketing Insights, Tactics & Strategies for Bigger Products"
    "Hot Seats--Your Chance to Personalize What You've Learned"




    If you have heard of JAY ABRAHAM, then you know that for YEARS, 
     BARNEY ZICK was Jay's top seminar trainer.

    If you've ever been to a Jay Abraham/Barney Zick trained event, you know that he's the best in the business!

    Each presentation is approx 90 minutes!
    ALMOST SIX FULL HOURS of Barney's proprietary, exclusive marketing secrets!


     Watch this entire 4 DVD seminar RIGHT NOW, ONLINE!


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    You may play each program directly from our secure website using our easy,
     "ONE-CLICK" player, OR download the entire series to your device,
     or download all the audio files to your DROPBOX.


    All orders are processed securely through GUMROAD.com using your major credit card or PAYPAL and are risk free with our NO-HASSLE, 100% money back guarantee. 
    Simply email your request and reason for refund with 30 days and your order will be swiftly and cheerfully refunded.


    Immediately upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email and be directed to our secure download and player page so you may start learning and enjoying this series.


    Don't HATE yourself by missing out!

    You are purchasing 4 MP4 HD VIDEO files.
    (Each program is approximately 90 minutes each.)



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